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We make talent assessment easy, providing your business with the assessments you need, when you need them. We devoted over 10 years to R&D on the PointLeader Talent Management System to ensure that you are buying the best solution on the market for providing unbiased results, a positive user experience, and accurate identification of the strengths and weaknesses of any person attempting any job. The special solution we provide to you here identifies and improves the job fit of individuals to the competencies required for success in trades and crafts jobs.

Here you can easily purchase these best-in-class assessments, packaged with competency aligned reports, interview guides, and user materials. Improve your hiring and development processes, optimize outcomes, and provide your people with a user-friendly experience.

Our Employability Assessments are a rigorous solution for single and volume assessment of job applicants.

Development Assessments For Upskilling


Accurately assessing the job-related strengths and weaknesses of your recruits and employees in a fair and unbiased way has never been more crucial than in today’s hypersensitive environment. Use of the right assessments will improve both the diversity and performance of your workforce, which will mitigate hiring risk, provide a positive candidate experience, and improve your business profits. Use of the wrong assessments will cause biased and ineffective decision making about your people, which will lead to litigation, negative stakeholder reactions, and loss of business profits. Click Download to Learn More about how the special Potential Assessment offered here powers the Employability Report for jobs in trades and crafts.


Employees and applicants bring more than just knowledge, personal characteristics, and experiences to the job; they bring their motivations to work for you and their interests in your jobs, organizational culture and career paths.

The PointLeader Focus Assessment (PFA) is a 30-minute, competency aligned assessment designed to accurately uncover the focus of any minimally literate working adult’s job relevant motivations and interests to help you select, promote, and develop the very best talent for your jobs, the culture of your business, and the career paths you provide. Here, the Focus Assessment is offered for use with jobs in trades and crafts.

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Our self-service, low cost approach to buying and using the PointLeader assessments removes common barriers for businesses to make better decisions about their people and enjoy the benefits. Please visit our Contact Us page if you have any questions about our shop or other services that we offer.

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If you are looking for an easy to use, quick start option for pre-screening applicants to many common jobs in trades and crafts, consider using our Employability Report. This report provides the potential fit score of each applicant to 10 critical job competencies and is based on the PPA results.

The competency fit score profile is used to identify matches between your company culture, job openings, and applicants for deciding who to move forward in the hiring process. This report package includes competency aligned behavioral interview questions with scoring rubrics to verify and extend assessment results. Click Download to Learn More about how the Potential Assessment powers the Employability Report for trades and crafts.


Enjoy the Outcomes of Use

A few examples of the outcomes of using our solutions:

  • Over 2 years, turnover rate was 74% less for drivers hired with PointLeader tools vs interviews alone.
  • Annual accidents rates for applicants hired with Employability Report were 1% in manufacturing compared to 15% for those hired using other assessments.
  • Machine operators hired using Employability Report reached Earned Hours Rate Goals within 30 days, compared to 60 – 90 days for other hires.

Features of PointLeader Potential Assessment

  • Research based measure of 38 stable characteristics predictive of success
  • 95% average completion rates for online, unproctored assessment
  • Stand-alone secure system, or, seamless integration into ATS/HRIS
  • Assessment content and difficulty aligned to job levels and roles
  • Mobile optimized for use on any online platform
  • Average completion time less than 15 minutes
  • Available in multiple languages; multi-language forms
  • Validated in over 500 research studies involving 1,500+ jobs/roles

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