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PointLeader Predictive Analytics provides custom and off-the-shelf psychometric assessment solutions for leadership development, career pathing and applicant selection.  We began with the end- user in mind to create accurate, job competency aligned, unbiased,  easy-to-use, and effective talent measures as part of a larger talent improvement technology system.  Our predictive model does not rely on black box technology; we utilize doctorate-level researchers to ensure each organization optimizes their outcomes by tailoring each assessment and predictive algorithms to their needs, based on organization-specific job data, industry data, nation-wide data, and PointLeader data archives.

Unmatched Quality

Reliable, Valid, Bias-Free, and Legally-Defensible talent management tools set the standard for quality.

Useful Results

System and report designs are intuitive, allowing for ease of interpretation by all users.

Our Mission!

PointLeader is an international assessment and talent management consulting firm devoted to the mission of providing culture-fair data of high utility to decision makers for the good of persons, groups, and organizations. We take a systems approach to these efforts by profiling jobs, persons, and performance using a psychometrically sound and valid set of job analysis, person assessment, and performance measurement tools aligned to a robust competency performance model and benchmarked to national and international data archives and norms.


Optimize target outcomes for businesses, (e.g., profits) and for their employees (e.g., performance, safety, and satisfaction), by providing decision makers with good data in a format they will use.


Apply results from our program of assessment research to disrupt acceptance of widely marketed HR business solutions that are not fair or valid, but have been blindly accepted as HR fads.


Talent Improvement Systems

We help HR optimize talent improvement solutions.  Our system offers plug-n-play job analysis tools, psychometric assessments, structured interview questions, live video interviewing, and performance behavior improvement tools.

Leadership Development

We help leaders improve their self-awareness, focus, and performance with the use of competency aligned assessments, one-on-one feedback, and career planning with IO psychology trained senior business coaches.

Selecting for Career Success

We help businesses select people who will best fit, thrive, lead and succeed in a workforce that will achieve strategic plans; while helping employees understand what is needed to develop and successfully progress along  their career paths.

Dedicated to Improving Assessments, Outcomes, and Lives.

We have a solid history of helping clients achieve their goals in a manner that best suits their needs.  If your organization could benefit from improved performance, reduced turnover, enhanced satisfaction– you have come to the right place.