Focus Assessment

Why Align Jobs

Alignment of jobs to business and people to jobs is foundation of organization, careers, and talent management.

How to Align

The Focus Assessment provides measurement and metrics to the alignment of jobs to business and people to jobs.

Who does Alignment

Individuals seeking career guidance. Leaders seeking development. Organizations describing jobs.

Impact of Alignment

Improves career success by 100%. Improves leadership development by 200%. Improves job alignment by 300%.

How does it work

The PointLeader Focus Assessment (PFA) uses two sets of questions to identify the correct focus for any job with a 30- minute online questionnaire. The first set asks individuals to rate the importance and frequency of performing each competency to success in target job. The second set of questions asks them to rate the importance of 52 behavioral statements to job success. Each behavior is statistically linked to the PFA competencies.

For the purposes of job analysis, a third source of information comes from the O*NET importance ratings for each competency. These ratings are combined in our scoring algorithm with competency ratings and behavioral ratings from the PFA. This provides triangulation of information from a combination of inputs for each job profile. Based on final ratings, the focal competencies are identified and compared to archival norms for the target job from the PointLeader archives, as a verification step.

How to Use

The PFA is delivered through a PointLeader secure online portal, customized for the needs of each client. Set-up for an organization includes working with internal IT and HR staff to set up and test the portal to client requirements, training on the PFA and reports, and setting up internal communications material for participating employees. The data gathering process is straightforward, with employees registering into the portal with their IDs and job titles. Timelines for completion of the project, driven by the number of jobs, SMEs, and complexity of the organization, are often as brief as 24 hours.

Why it Works

The PFA was developed from the ground up in a ten-year research and validation process to provide you with a more modern, fair, and accurate measure of job related motivations and interests than the existing alternatives, many of which were developed and validated over 50 years ago. Because people, culture, jobs, and career paths are very different than they were 50 years ago, we are offering you a modern and relevant assessment solution for your decision making.

The Focus Assessment provides a predictor profile for use of assessment tools for prescreening, selection or development for the target job based on a synthetic validation approach. By breaking a job down into its critical competencies, we are able to specify a predictive profile based on the results of our existing validation studies. This is one source of validation evidence for use of assessments in any job in any organization. The validity of the PFA has been supported in over 500 research studies of more than 1,700 jobs involving thousands of subject matter experts.

The PFA has been used to model critical job competencies in healthcare, technology, manufacturing, call centers, government, gaming, energy, law enforcement, retail, sales and hospitality.

Competencies have been modeled for all levels of jobs, from hourly, entry-level employees to leaders using our  validated competency model comprised of 40 competencies

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