Leadership Development


Our team of experts understand the importance of strong leadership to the success of organizations. We also know that building strong leadership requires identifying the critical competencies for leadership success in the organizational role, finding those who have high potential on the critical leadership competencies, and developing potential into actual leadership performance. Based on a synthesis of over 50 years of leadership research, leveraged through cutting edge technology. The PointLeader approach is to develop hi-potential leaders using research-based predictive tools, provide useful feedback with performance measures aligned to critical leadership competencies, and provide the leaders with the PointLeader tools they need to optimize their potential success by identifying, developing, and retaining future leadership talent.

PointLeader Leadership Battery

Potential Assessment

The Potential Assessment is a 15-minute, online, dynamic assessment of ten dimensions that predicts job performance across all leadership roles.

Focus Assessment

Focus Assessment is a 30-minute, competency aligned assessment designed to accurately uncover the focus of a leader’s job relevant motivations and interests.

Behavior Assessment

The Behavior Assessment is a 15-minute self assessment of competency aligned leadership behaviors. This provides a third perspective of a leader’s self evaluation.

Our Facilitated Process


Pre-work & Planning

  1. Facilitated development planning, alignment of expectations, and goal setting with leader and team.
  2. Introduction to the PointLeader Learning Community platform for facilitated learning experience aligned to the development plan and project goals
  3. Completion of assessment battery by leader though our user friendly concierge approach

Feedback & Goal Setting

  1. Assessment results interpreted with Dr. Davies and PointLeader coaching team
  2. Feedback from PointLeader 2020 report delivered to leader by coaching team
  3. Developmental goals, learning expectations and coaching timeline set with leader

Coaching & Evaluation

  1. Leader participates in online learning community and is coached through the development process
  2. Progress of leader learning and development is evaluated with coaching team towards goals
  3. Project summary conducted in meeting with leader and team to sustain and continue development process

Leadership Development Report

The PointLeader Development Report is designed to provide an understanding of an individual’s personal characteristics, how those personal characteristics impact their strengths and opportunities for improvement, as well as their focus in their role.

Additionally, the report provides individuals with an understanding of what the organization is looking for in their role, in the form of critical competencies, and allows individuals the chance to reflect on their current behaviors and performance.

While highlighting the important information to the individual, the report also aggregates team results and provides participants with a deeper understanding of their team dynamics.

Meet the Coaches

Dr. Scott Davies

Co-founder & CEO

25+ yrs experience working with organizations of all types and sizes to identify and solve their talent management and leadership issues

Tammie Davies

Co-founder & CTO

20+ yrs experience working with non-profits, government agencies, and faith based organizations to improve situations for people and leaders.

Steve Bellisari

Chief Client Officer

Sales leader, coach, math major, and professional football player in the NFL, CFL and AFL; Steve brings executive leadership experience to coaching team.

Dr. Jenna Pieper

Associate Professor of Management

Expert in leadership diversity and organizational change, Jenna’s mission is to inspire leaders to create and succeed in their own journey.

Henry Martinez

CEO-Mosiac Human Capital Solutions

Senior executive in human resources and organizational development, Henry is passionate about investing time to develop others.

Josie Crudo

Co-Founder Crudo & Crudo

Talent management professional 25+ yrs – focus is helping leaders improve talent, training, and organizational performance strategies.

Bjoern Nordmann

Executive Coach

26+ yrs international leadership experience with Fortune 100 in technology and client relationships; Bjoern’s passion is building business relationships

Patricia Sanchez

Executive Coach

Leadership professional with a passion for facilitation, coaching and talent management for the improvement of leaders and organizations.

Dr. Eric Hutchison

Hutchison Consulting

Eric works to make a measurable difference in how organizations assess, select, and develop employees while fostering a high-performance environment.

Dr. Elieen Jason

President, ARTA Consulting

Specializing in assessing & improving behaviors in organizations and individuals; Eileen helps maximize the performance of individuals, leaders, and groups/teams

Online PointLeader Learning Community

  • LMS provides coach facilitated online learning
  • Secure stable, user friendly access to PointLeader learning materials
  • Access to research archives, competency aligned learning materials, and role-based exercises

Individual & Team Coaching

  • Assessment results used for optimal effects of coaching leaders and teams
  • Individuals learn to understand and respect other team members
  • Coaching engagements are 3 – 6 month projects that achieve leadership and business goals

Customized Leadership Development

  • Nature and timeline of engagements are matched to the situation
  • Coaches aligned to leaders and project needs
  • Size of project capacity range from 1 – 1,000 leaders
  • Special projects for D&I, Sales, Operations, and Culture