PointLeader Predictive Analytics is the new standard to which other HR assessment solutions will be compared into the future. Based on results from a wide-ranging needs analysis of assessment users and a comprehensive review of existing assessment research and reports; PointLeader brought together experts in diversity, psychometrics, predictive modeling, artificial intelligence, employment law, job performance, business outcomes and HR technology to design and validate an aligned system of measures, metrics and models that provide information that employers and employees will use to make effective decisions about jobs, performance and careers.

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Our Team

Dr. Scott Davies

As Co-Founder and CEO of PointLeader, Dr. Davies led the development of the PointLeader system utilizing his 20 years of psychometric experience. He leads R&D to continuously improve our system and produce research to help our clients.

Tammie Davies

As Co-founder and CTO of PointLeader, Tammie develops the company’s strategy for using technological resources. She ensures technologies are used efficiently, profitably and securely. She has years of experience working with tribal governments and businesses.

Steve Bellisari

Chief Client Officer, Steve oversees PointLeader sales, accounts, and clients.
He feels passionately about client satisfaction and believes it is important to still be involved with each client, start to finish, despite his position on the executive leadership team.

Our Technical Advisors

Dr. Jim Austin

As a charter member of the PointLeader Technical Advisory Board, Dr. James T. Austin’s extensive experience in the assessment industry, his knowledge of psychometrics, and his wonderful disposition has made him the perfect Technical Advisory Board Member. Thank you, Jim, for all of the guidance you provide us towards making life better for businesses and their people.

Dr. Mike Zickar

Dr. Mike Zickar, longtime friend and advisor to the PointLeader family, has been vital in the creation and continuous improvement of our PointLeader assessments. Mike, a SIOP fellow, is an expert in the measurement of individual differences related to job performance and item response theory, which makes him an ideal member of our Technical Advisory Board.

Dr. Jeff Foster

As the newest member of our Technical Advisory Board, Dr. Jeff Foster, brings many years of applied I-O expertise to the PointLeader team. We appreciate Jeff’s knowledge, expertise and hard working, hands-on experience, having directed over eight hundred client-related assessment research studies, including over three hundred criterion-related studies.

More About Us

Our Mission

We are devoted to the mission of providing culture-fair data of high utility to decision makers for the good of persons, groups, and organizations.

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We take a systems approach to these efforts by profiling jobs, persons, and performance using a psychometrically sound, valid set of job analysis, person assessment, and performance measurement tools aligned to a robust competency performance model and benchmarked to national and international data archives and norms.

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Our Goals

1. Optimize target outcomes (profits, sustainability, satisfaction) for businesses and their employees.

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2. Provide fair and unbiased talent management solutions that better fit the diversity of applicants, employees, and leaders of today’s world.

3. Provide decision makers with the data they need in a format they will use to fairly and reliably optimize outcomes for themselves and their companies.

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Business Divisions

Our three divisions utilize PointLeader measures, metrics and models to improve outcomes for specific workforce segments.

Predictive Analytics

PointLeader improves business outcomes using our predictive measures, metrics and models for applicant pre-screening, competency modeling, and performance improvement.

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Our automated online systems are capable of administering and scoring assessments for over 10,000 users simultaneously; additional capacity can be added for clients with unique bandwidth needs.
Our business clients include companies in manufacturing, retail sales, hospitality and gaming, food service, transportation and logistics, finance, construction and energy production.

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Career Success System

PointLeader measures and metrics for business form the foundation for our career success system.

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We help individuals succeed across industries and levels through useful career paths and by giving them the tools they need to take charge of their career success.

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Leadership Development

The PointLeader approach to development of hi-potential leaders is grounded on

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research-based predictive tools, providing useful feedback with performance measures aligned to critical leadership competencies, and providing the leaders with the tools they need to optimize their potential success by identifying, developing, and retaining future leadership talent. The PointLeader solution is a competency aligned approach using specially designed talent management measures and metrics in a predictive model for optimizing target business outcomes.

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