Power of the PPM

The PointLeader Performance Measure (PPM) is the online performance appraisal tool within the PointLeader Talent Improvement System. It is based on the best research and practices in performance measurement.

The PPM makes it easy for employees and their managers to make accurate performance ratings in real time for immediate improvements in job-related behaviors.  Self-ratings and supervisor-ratings are collected over time with the online PPM on five behavioral anchors that indicate performance on each critical competency for a job.

PPM ratings provide employees with useful and specific developmental feedback and reliable change scores for measuring development progress on each competency. Competency based performance ratings are aligned to employee goals, with goal attainment metrics included with the PPM as a client option. The PPM provides powerful data for practical purposes.

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Rewarding Efforts

Hassle Free Performance Management

The PPM is a cost-effective performance measurement tool that takes minimal time to complete through online administration. Moreover, the PPM is linked to the US DOL job archives; it has been successfully used and validated for measuring performance for every job family in the US workforce,  which protects HR staff from undue stress related to legal concerns.

Additionally, because the PPM only measures those aspects of an employee’s job that are critical to success, which are typically informed by the employee themselves when they complete the PointLeader Competency Profiler, employees tend to be more accepting and view this rating process positively. In more ways than one, the PPM reduces the administrative burden on managers and HR staff that is typically associated with performance management.

Performance Improvement Projects
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Performance is in the Details

Ratings typically take 20 minutes or less and can be completed, as needed, several times throughout the year.  We suggest self-ratings with the PPM during onboarding to provide employees with behavioral, on-the-job expectations; at 30 days for a quick snapshot of potential issues and behavioral improvement successes; and; at 90 days with supervisor ratings to provide another source of job performance information.

90 Days – Supervisor Rating67%
30 Days – Self- Rating58%
Onboarding– Self- Rating44%

PPM performance items are validated at four organizational levels for each competency, with the option of industry specific items  (e.g., Sales).  The PPM is provided as a part of all personnel selection projects as an early indicator of project validity.