The PointLeader EXP is a user-friendly, competency-aligned, fair and valid SaaS system that improves the Employee Experience for all employees, managers, human resource professionals, and leaders in organizations of any size, function, complexity, or industry. The EXP is a platform with a valued purpose for individuals, families, communities, and organizations – the EXP improves the Employee Experience of Success at Work.

The PointLeader Predictive Analytics EXP (2022) improves critical outcomes for our users through a proprietary research-based, fair and effective Employee Experience of Work/Life success using these competency-aligned functions:

Competency Modeling
Applicant Potential Assessments
Career Pathing
Performance Nudging
Behavioral Interviews
Performance Improvement
Leadership Development
Goal Setting

Applicant Assessment

Accurately, efficiently, and fairly identifying potential fit for a job or career helps individuals be more engaged and satisfied in their work and employers achieve greater success with less risk. The PointLeader Potential Assessment (PPA) is a proven and reliable approach to fitting the right people to the right careers.

Improving Leadership Success

Based on a synthesis of over 50 years of leadership research and leveraged through cutting edge EXP system, the PointLeader approach is to develop hi-potential leaders using our research-based predictive tools, provide useful feedback with performance measures aligned to critical leadership competencies, and provide the leaders with the PointLeader tools they need to optimize their potential success by identifying, developing, and retaining future leadership talent. This is the Employee Experience of a successful leader in the PointLeader EXP.

Improving Performance & Outcomes

At PointLeader, we believe that the best performance system is transparent, well communicated, fits the employee, fits the job, and has obvious positive impacts for the employee, team, manager, leaders and business. It is not an annual game of ‘gotcha’, nor is it a game of follow the leader. It is a fair, unbiased and useful system that helps all people succeed in their career, helps teams work together, helps managers manage, helps leaders lead, and provides high ROI to the business.

Administrator Experience

Administrative features within the EXP ensure accuracy, efficiency, and fairness in use of the system – making life easier for administrators and team leaders. This also helps individuals be more engaged and satisfied in their work and employers achieve greater success with less risk. PointLeader Assessments in the EXP have been used for over 20 years to achieve client goals in customer service, food service, education, healthcare, sales, manufacturing, government, gaming, energy, law enforcement, retail, and hospitality. PointLeader Assessments have been validated in over 500 studies for use at all levels of organizations, from hourly, entry-level employees to executive leadership.

Whatever the problem EXP is a part of the solution

If the problem is workforce related, PointLeader EXP has part of the solution in a friendly, modern, easy to implement package.  Competency-aligned functions for ease of explanation and use by leaders, managers, and team members.  Everyone will be aligned to the same system, model, process and approach with shared expectations for use and outcomes. The EXP gives you access to all features at a low cost subscription per seat.

EXP solves problems in ways that cut costs and increase profits for our clients.  Guaranteed.  Return on investment by our clients for EXP system use ranges from $10 – $100 per $1.00 spent annually on the system.  Returns increase as the system is used to get more people into jobs where they have high potential, understand job competencies, focus on critical aspects of the job, and use the behavioral performance and goal setting for success.

A problem is not solved until the outcomes are evaluated to be effective and fair to all parties.  The EXP is one of the only performance improvement systems in existence that was developed and deployed to be fair to all people in the workforce.  Aligned, transparent data is always available for analysis and review by all clients for all EXP functions – a huge advantage over dis-aggregated systems of measures.